Much has been written and said about Organisational Learning.  Is sounds great in theory, but what does it look like in practice?

Many organisations will describe their approach to lessons learned, but to really generate value and ‘close the learning loop’ requires significantly more than a lessons learned database.  Too may of those become lessons graveyards!

The most successful ones focus their attention on the demand-side of the equation, work to stimulate curiosity,set expectations for knowledge re-use and make it easy to ask for help.

I work with clients to look at areas where the learning ‘leaks away’, and through strategies, tactics, tools and training, I help them to maximise the flow from those who have knowledge to those who need it.

Read more in the blog posts below, or watch the 10 minute excerpt from my keynote ‘Lessons Earned’ talk at Henley Business School.

Chris Collison speaking at Henley Business School's Knowledge management Forum on the subject of "Lessons Learned". Chris explores some of the myths and realities of how organisations do (and don't) learn, and challenges Knowledge Management practitioners to play a more proactive role in Organisational Learning. 

The blog postings below should provide helpful guidance on how to get 'lessons learned' right -and some pitfalls to avoid.